Introducing Arkahna

Hi, we’re new here…but we’ve also been around for a long time. Arkahna is a collaboration of three leaders in cloud-native technology, experts in designing and building first-class applications in a Microsoft environment.

We deliver an end-to-end experience that will support your organisation at every stage. From design and build to training and adoption — we’ve got you covered. Our goal is to use secure innovation to meet your business objectives, while delivering a hassle-free user experience that feels like a bit of everyday magic.

Our Values

What we believe in

Everything we do, we do it for you.

We are obsessed with delivering quality outcomes for our clients. Everything has a purpose. Whether it’s building new systems or coaching teams, we are only interested in creating value for businesses and scalable solutions that deliver time and time again.


We’re all grownups here, driving responsible and secure innovation

Mind-blowing, cutting-edge technology won’t support your business if it’s easily compromised. We’re not taking risks with your critical systems. We believe in understanding a client’s business inside and out to ensure we can deliver enterprise-quality, cloud-native applications that are secure and uncompromising.

With trust, you can do great things.

Trust and integrity underpins everything we do. Openness and honesty with our staff and clients builds confidence and helps us deliver exceptional service.


We recognise that brilliance often breaks the mould.

Some of the most creative and skilled developers in the world are self-taught or haven’t followed the same path as us. Diverse opinions challenge us and help deliver the kind of advanced tech that is indistinguishable from magic. We need people who want to practise their craft and create solutions they’re proud of, that will be used to make a real impact.