Join Us

The tech world is full of extraordinary people from all walks of life. We want to give talented people an opportunity to flex their skills and challenge themselves to design and build epic large-scale solutions. There will also be opportunities for training and coaching for people who want to impart their knowledge with others.

Our directors have a long and successful history of working together. We embrace a philosophy that creating an environment that values its people and provides them with the tools and processes to excel will result in outstanding outcomes for our clients.

If this sounds like something you want to be a part of, scroll down to check out open vacancies or drop us a line and tell us about yourself. Don’t be modest, show us what you know and where you’re headed.

Working at Arkahna

From the moment we launched, Arkahna had a goal to build an incredible workplace culture that attracted unique and exceptional talent. We want to be known as the place you go when you want to learn, grow and thrive in the industry. But more than that, we wanted to create a true sense of belonging by developing an inclusive environment that respects and appreciates every team member for who they are as an individual.

What we offer:

We value every team member with a very competitive base salary, as well as a number of perks and policies such as:

  • A generous technology allowance
  • 100% flexible working arrangements
  • Ongoing training and certification
  • Health and wellness program

Technology Allowance

On top of your salary, we’ll get your desk setup and fully equipped with a generous $5,000 technology budget.

Flexible Working Arrangements

We are based in Perth, Western Australia and offer a 100% flexible working arrangement policy.

Life in WA is made for enjoying, so in addition to the standard four weeks of annual leave entitlement, you’ll also receive five extra days of wellness leave and an option to purchase additional leave each year if you need more.

Health and Wellness Program

We’re all humans here and we get that people don’t perform at their best when they feel like crap. Every Arkahna employee has access to an annual wellness and fitness benefit to purchase products and/or services that improve mental and physical health.

We also want to acknowledge that everyone needs time and support sometimes and shouldn’t feel ashamed to ask for it. All team members are eligible for five extra days of wellness leave each year — for those times when you just need a day off. We don’t want people stressing about using annual leave or sick leave if you need to see your kids at school, take a pet to the vet, or just need a day in bed.