BY Arkahna / ON Apr 13, 2021

Hello we are new here

WA’s tech scene welcomes a new business today… Arkahna, founded by three leaders in cloud-native technology: Josh Boys, Leigh Shayler and Matt Menezes.

Arkahna was founded with a vision of creating magic for our customers. Having worked for Microsoft and WA’s top consulting firms, we have a unique wealth of experience — and we are using it to change the way things are done in our industry. We are outcome-driven and human-centric, with collaboration at our core. We take talented people who are exceptional at their craft — and instead of charging by the hour — we focus on doing whatever it takes to drive your business forward.

Our directors have a long and successful history of working together, playing to each other’s strengths, to deliver an unparalleled approach to leveraging and adopting cloud-native technology.

We embrace a philosophy that creating an environment that values its people and provides them with the tools and processes to excel will result in outstanding outcomes for our clients.

So please join us in celebrating this momentous occasion and reach out and say hello, as we are new here… yet we have been around a long time.