BY Arkahna / ON Sep 09, 2021

Arkahna launches new Health and Wellness Program for team members

When we launched Arkahna we wanted to build an inclusive environment within our business, which includes normalising the fact that many people struggle with their mental health, especially in 2021.

To mark this year’s ‘R U OK? Day’ we are launching a new internal Health and Wellness Program, aimed at acknowledging that we all need a bit of extra time and support sometimes.

Every Arkahna Employee will now be eligible for five extra days of wellness leave each year, to use in a way that benefits their health and wellbeing. We don’t believe that people should stress out about using annual leave or sick days when they really want to see their kids at school, take a pet to the vet, or just need a day in bed.

On top of this everyone also now has access to an annual wellness and fitness benefit to purchase certain products and services that improve mental and physical health.

You can learn more about working for Arkahna on our Careers Page. And don’t forget to ask those around you, R U Really OK?