The Way We Create Magic

When you see great technology in action it “works like magic”. That’s how it should feel. We create this magic by developing solutions that are simple, work seamlessly and delight your users.

But a lot needs to happen for something complex to feel so simple.

When Arkahna launched, we wanted to change the way things are done in our industry, making life easier for our customers and setting them up for success from day one. Here’s a snapshot of how we work and why we’re different to our competitors.

We are outcome-driven and human-centric

We believe that for any initiative to succeed, the focus should be on those who will use, maintain and manage it — not the technology itself. This is why we partner with businesses to deliver products, not projects.

Arkahna’s end-to-end services include:

We create solutions that are fixed in price, not approach

Traditionally, businesses like ours work on a time and materials pricing model. This puts the focus on tasks and headcount time — when all you care about is the outcome. We don’t do that. But that doesn’t mean we take an inflexible fixed-price approach either.

We align to your outcome but take an agile approach in how we’ve going to achieve it. We will price based on your outcome, while allowing you to retain the flexibility to re-prioritise scope if you need to. Our approach means you can set your budget with confidence, knowing you’ll get the right product without the scope battle or blowout on tasks.

Technology adoption isn’t optional

Your project won’t be a success unless it’s adopted and embraced, so we include Change Management practises in every engagement

Our team is invested in your success, so we:

  • Talk and discuss ideas and thoughts openly and honestly
  • Listen to team members and provide space for others to speak
  • Join your ways of working and invite you to join ours
  • Take feedback and learn ourselves
  • Contribute to pull-requests and code reviews
  • Join you in celebrating your successes
Secure by design

Security shouldn’t have to inhibit innovation. But cutting-edge technology won’t support your business if it’s easily compromised.

We believe in understanding a business inside and out to ensure we can deliver enterprise-quality, cloud-native applications that are secure and uncompromising. Through the implementation of DevSecOps and industry leading security principles, we help organisations embed secure thinking into all aspects of your business.

But enough about us…

We could talk all day about our modern ways of working, but we would much rather hear about your business. Drop us a line and let’s talk about how we can adapt your products or processes, or empower your own teams to drive your business forward.