Feature management re-imagined, made easy, for everyone



Simple, lightweight and easy-to-use feature management for SaaS teams.




Feature management without the hassle




Ship features now

Simple, lightweight and easy-to-use feature toggling for SaaS teams. A central portal for managing all features and SDKs for your developers with support .NET, JavaScript, NodeJS & ReactJS.

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Made for everyone

Built by a team of developers, designers and product managers who understand the importance of empowering EVERY member of your team.


All in one place

Bring together feature flag configurations across all your environments, reducing the risk of errors and maintenance hassles. 


Toggle without the cost

Target audiences while keeping your CDN hit-ratios high. Cut costs without compromising on quality.



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Billed monthly
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For startups and small teams



per month

  • 1 product
  • Up to 3 audience categories
  • Up to 15 audiences
  • Up to 3 admin/writer users
  • Up to 10 reader/support users
  • Feature refresh within 5 minutes


For maturing your feature management



per month

  • Up to 5 products
  • Up to 10 audience categories
  • Unlimited audiences
  • Up to 10 admin/writer users
  • Up to 25 reader/support users
  • Feature refresh within 30 seconds


Advanced feature management



per month

  • Unlimited products
  • Unlimited audience categories
  • Unlimited audiences
  • Unlimited admin/writer users
  • Unlimited reader/support users
  • Live feature refresh
* All prices are in US dollars.

Feature Flags Reimagined

 We have taken a fresh look at the problem to create an experience which anyone in your business can use, not just developers.


Group your users or customer base in to different Audiences that are important to your product or business. Plans, roles, membership types, trial users, anything you want to target.

Environment Management

Control the availability of features across all your environments from one place. FeatureBoard lets you independently enable or disable features across environments. 

Feature Categories

FeatureBoard introduces an intuitive way to categorise your features based on their function. This innovative approach helps in managing and organising features effectively, providing a smooth operational experience.

CDN Friendly

FeatureBoard is built with a deep understanding of Content Delivery Networks. This unique CDN-friendly approach ensures optimal site performance.


Marketplace Integration

Integrated into Arkahna's Marketplace Elements product to enable seamless targeting of Offer and Plan based audiences.



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