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Let Arkahna be your strategic ally, helping you envision the future of your business and products.



Maybe you're a new startup, or maybe you're established but starting something new?



Ready to transform your vision into reality?



Are you ready to supercharge or scale?



Is your focus now operational excellence?


Our 'Plan' offerings

Discovery & Roadmaps

Whether you are building a new product or you want to migrate from on-prem or another cloud platform, we provide the roadmap to land gracefully.

Guided by Microsoft’s Well-Architected and Cloud Adoption Frameworks, we understand your architecture, then help you design your future state.

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Proof of Concepts

Quickly test and validate your product idea, reducing time and resources spent on unproven concepts.

Gain valuable insights and data to make informed decisions on product development and investment.

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Design Thinking

Apply Design Thinking’s human-centred problem-solving tools to understand users, challenge assumptions, and explore creative options. Rapidly iterate through understanding users, defining issues, ideating solutions, building prototypes until the optimal solution is yours.

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Immersion Workshops

Our workshops are designed to provide you with the range of expertise and hands-on experience you need to expand your knowledge and adapt to ever-changing business needs. We offer deep-dive workshops that focus on data modernization, the AI tech stack, cloud-native app development, DevOps, and hybrid cloud infrastructure solutions.

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Innovation should never compromise security.

We know that a secure digital environment is crucial for your business to thrive. That's why we embed secure thinking into every aspect of your organisation through the implementation of DevSecOps and industry-leading security principles.

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Got questions?

We'd love to be able to speak with you and answer any questions you have.