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Building maturity into your production cloud operations, so you can focus on what's important.


No news is good news.

Our proactive approach to monitoring enables us to detect and address issues before they become incidents, minimising interruptions and downtime.


Get the best team, for a fraction of the price.


Incremental value delivered through automation and DevSecOps to uplift your production operations.


Focused on lead indicators, we don't wait until something is broken before we act.


The Sigil platform and it’s proactive SRE based approach has transformed operations at our new Bethesda Clinic. Continuous monitoring and expert service has helped facilitate zero downtime and minimised disruptions, aligning perfectly with our high-tech healthcare mission.

Donelle Rivett, Executive Manager
Bethesda Clinic


Sounds good...

But What can Sigil do for me?

Your organisation's cloud environment is an extension of your existing IT infrastructure and should meet all the same governance standards. Too often though, responsibility for this gets pushed onto an over-stretched IT team or eats up valuable development time.

Sigil makes sure your environment complies with standards and best practices, saving your technical team precious hours.


Hang on...

Is this just a managed service?

Unlike traditional managed service providers who react to system failures, Sigil takes a proactive approach to production operations with a Site Reliability Engineering mindset.

Rather than waiting for you to report issues, we continuously monitor the health indicators of your systems. This allows Sigil to identify potential problems before they cause failures or outages.

We conduct detailed reviews to ensure that opportunities for improvement are not missed.



What environments do you support?

Sigil supports the following environments:

  • Microsoft Azure
  • Microsoft 365
  • GitHub Enterprise Cloud
  • Atlassian

As well as your Microsoft Azure workloads.

Sigil Environments

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