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Our 'Run' Offerings

Sigil™️ - Modern Managed Service

With Sigil™️, you can rest assured that your systems are in the hands of experts who prioritise the continuous improvement of your operations. Our proactive approach to monitoring enables us to detect and address issues before they become problems, minimising interruptions and downtime.

We ensure your systems are secure, operational, and running at peak performance around the clock.

Our outcomes-based approach for solution implementation is matched by our pursuit of operational outcomes. We work with you to establish, measure, and improve key metrics for your environments and workloads over time.

We have built a highly skilled team of specialists in service delivery, security, automation, DevOps, support, and operations – so you don’t have to increase your headcount.

Advisory Services

Are you ready to take your business to the next level but missing experienced tech leadership? Our advisory service provides support and expert advice for your team.

Our seasoned consultants bring the same high-level expertise as a Chief Technology Officer (CTO) without breaking the bank or tying you down to a full-time hire. We work with you to advise on strategies that will help you reach your goals and overcome obstacles. Don't let a lack of tech knowledge and experience hold you back… partner with us.

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